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Download Time-Windowstm from $134.00 annually
Download PcClocktm $199.00 annually
Download TimeCard Calctm $54.00 annually
Download Assistant Included FREE

Once you have downloaded the program, call (808) 781-1055 for information to activate.


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Microsoft Certified Time Clock      Microsoft Certified Time Clock       Microsoft Certified Time Clock      Microsoft Certified Time Clock

 All Metron Time Clock products are certified by Microsoft.

Time-Windows Internet Time Clock
Time-Windows is the perfect time clock solution to enable your employees to clock in and out on the Internet. Time-Windows is ideal for companies with multiple locations, or with employees who work offsite.

PcClock Network Time Clock

PcClock is the absolute best time clock solution for any company who wants their employees to clock-in and out from any networked PC within the company.

TimeCard Calc time clock solution.
TimeCard Calc was developed for companies who want to keep their reliable mechanical time clock. TimeCard Calc will end the tedious and error-prone chore of tallying time cards


Employee Time Clock Reports

 Each product contains dozens of hours and earnings reports.

There are a variety of hours and earnings reports to select from that will serve a specific need in your department, or the department of another manager. Reports show both hours and gross earnings information by employee, department, pay period, by week or range of weeks, semi-monthly, monthly, by sick days or vacation days, etc., in detail or summary. On-Duty, Missed Punches and Attendance reports are included. Reports can be printed, displayed, E-mailed or exported.

To view an example report, click an image:

Archive Audit Trail

employee time clock
Attendance for Scheduled Employees

employee time clock
Attendance Summary

employee time clock
Auditor's IP Detail Report

employee time clock
Auditor's IP Detail Report by Employee Name

employee time clock
Auditor's IP Summary

employee time clock
Badge Listing

employee time clock
Daily Departmental Summary

employee time clock
Daily Hours & Earnings

employee time clock
Daily Hours by Day

employee time clock
Daily Summary by Employee

employee time clock
Daily Time Card Detail

employee time clock
Departmental Summary

employee time clock
Earnings with Pay Rate Analysis

employee time clock
Employee Base Information

employee time clock
Employee Schedule Assignments

employee time clock
Hours and Earnings Summary

employee time clock
Hours by Day

employee time clock
Hours Summary by Type

employee time clock
Manager Approval

employee time clock
Missed Punches

employee time clock
Monthly Departmental Summary

employee time clock
Monthly Payroll Summary

employee time clock

employee time clock
Payroll Client

employee time clock
Payroll Summary

employee time clock
Schedule Listing

employee time clock
Semi-Monthly Departmental Summary

employee time clock
Semi-Monthly Payroll Summary

employee time clock
Weekly Time Card Detail

employee time clock


Employee Time Clock Solutions

In our 20 years of providing computerized time and attendance solutions we've learned a lot about what you want. We know you want a reliable solution that your company will never outgrow. Because time and attendance tracking involves every employee in your company, you want it to be very easy to use and understand. And we know you don't want to spend a lot of money.

Metron's approach to time and attendance tracking has employees clock-in and out on any networked PC using PcClock, or on the Internet using Time-Windows. There is no limit to the number of employees who can clock-in and out, no limit of punch locations and no expensive electronic clocks to invest in or maintain.


Metron Time Clock Employee Record

Employee record with time clock rules
Setting up the Employee Record is fast and easy, especially with the use of helpful Wizards. The software is designed so that each employee’s unique rounding and overtime policies and the amount of time to deduct for breaks is maintained in one place. These policies can vary from employee to employee, providing maximum flexibility between pay groups.


Metron Time Clock

Time Clock screen
PcClock  Employees easily learn how to use their PcClock Punch screen. Here they may clock in and out, change from one department to another, enter tips and view their last punch. If Job Costing is tracked they can enter Job information. They may either use the PC’s keyboard or the PC’s mouse to select a function and enter their badge number. 

Click the image to view larger picture and more information.
Time-Windows  Employees simply go online - directly to your company’s secure Time-Windows account - then select a function like 'Start Day' and enter their badge number. It’s easy and quick.


Metron Time Clock Employee record

Click the image to view larger picture and more information.
In the payroll office, when the punches are collected, they are instantly posted to each employees' time card record. Using secured access, employee time cards can be viewed and adjusted, if necessary.
Each employee time card displays all of the in and out punches for the work week, their calculated net hours for each day, their total regular, overtime and double-time hours and gross earnings, their charge-to departments, (if tracked), miscellaneous income like tips or commissions, (if tracked), and their average pay rate. Special Type Codes like Sick or Vacation can be entered on the employee’s time card and will be included in the payroll interface. Companies can vary on their application of overtime when it comes to Type Codes. An alternate pay rate can be applied to a specific work period and will likewise be included in the payroll interface. Each employee can clock-in up to 7 times in a day, providing accurate department charge-to tracking.
Years of time cards can be  kept indefinitely for instant history reports.


FREE Assistant Software

The optional Assistant program turns your Metron software into a multi-user program. By installing Assistant on their PC, you enable an assistant employee to run reports and perform limited maintenance of all employee time cards.  You may install Assistant on as many PCs as you like.


Job Costing for PcClock

Click here for more information about PcClock's Job Costing feature.

PcClock’s optional Job Costing program enables your company to track up to 3 levels of user-defined information on every job. The employee simply selects the correct job information from lists, either using the PC's keypad, mouse or barcode gun. Piece counts can be entered and bonuses can be computed automatically. 


Metron Time Clock Customer Support

Unlimited Customer Support is Included

Metron's support group is always available to help you keep your payroll day running smoothly.

Telephone support for all products is included at no extra cost.


All Metron products interface to most payroll companies.

TimeCard Calc, PcClock and Time-Windows interface to most payroll programs and payroll providers. 

If your payroll program or payroll service provider is not on this list, call Metron at
(808) 781-1055 to see when it will be available.

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